Ever heard of JournoTwit?  Until three days ago, I hadn’t.

JournoTwit is a web-based application for Twitter users.  Like me?  They describe themselves as, “a Twitter client for Journalists, Bloggers and Media Professionals.” Okay.

Whatever the description, it works.  It works nicely and in a user-friendly manner, as well.

Briefly, JournoTwit enables you to create columns of feeds:  feeds about technology or iPhones or typography or whatever your interest may be.  There are other column-based Twitter applications like Hootsuite and TwitHive, so what makes JournoTwit so special?

What first distinguishes JournoTwit from the pack is its easy customization.  By simply selecting the ‘plus’ sign, you can add a column.  JournoTwit offers preset column configurations to get you started.  It also offers completely customizable columns based on hashtags, keywords, searches, usernames, local feeds and global feeds.

A second distinguishing quality is that it is easy on the eyes.  Others tend to overwhelm me visually.  I feel like I need to step outside and get some air.  Not with JournoTwit.  The default setting is a dark blue, but JournoTwit offers a respectable list of color alternatives, including “Summer” and “Autumn.”   Who could resist a color palette named Autumn?  Not me.

The interface includes small boxed messages in the lower right-hand corner giving you status updates as well as tips (which can be turned off).  I have seen references to accessing JournoTwit from your mobile phone, so I presume that functionality is available.   I currently use JournoTwit only on my laptop.

I have explored many other Twitter applications, using them for a day or two and then abandoning them.  I don’t see that happening for me with JournoTwit.  I think it’s a well-designed application, well worth keeping and using.


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I am a job seeker.
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