About infographics

As I search, sort and distill my interests for my next career opportunity, I am focusing more on infographics.

From this informative article, here are some important qualities of a good infographic:

  • It provides a new way of seeing and thinking
  • The information tells a story
  • The information is well-organized
  • It works on multiple levels
  • The visual is well-designed

Most of these points are self-explanatory.  The ‘multiple levels’ one, however, deserves a bit of elaboration.

from the blog Understanding Graphics

An infographic working on multiple levels

The author, Connie Malamed, uses the graphic above to convey her point.  Immediately, you and I know that this graphic involves some information about the United States, likely population or density or some metric that correlates to urban vs. rural distribution.  That’s the first level.  As you explore the graphic, you learn more in-depth knowledge, such as, “The entire state of Wyoming (pop. 509,300) has fewer people than the Harrisburg, PA metro area.”  That’s another level of information.  As a viewer, I am drawn further in to the graphic to understand its multiple levels.  As a designer, I appreciate its clarity of design and the complexity of its message. (This graphic was designed by Joe Lertola and originally published here.)

I will finish this post with another thought from Malamed: “It seems that infographics become more valuable as our need to understand a complex world increases.”   Everything in my world and my experience tells me this is absolutely true.


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2 Responses to About infographics

  1. Hi Mary,
    I like the way you explain (more than I did) what it means for a graphic to work on multiple levels. Nice job.

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