About Me

Hi, I’m Mary and this is my professional blog.  My intent here is to convey to you, prospective employers, some information about me and a feeling for who I am as a person.

Zigzags keep things interesting

While some people have linear career paths, mine is of the zigzag variety. I began work in the manufacturing world as an automotive designer packaging complex vehicle components. I developed strong 3D modeling skills, creating robust parametric solid models usable for analysis, manufacture and assembly.

Transferring my design and technical skills to an academic environment, I worked in instructional development and training. Using the instructional industry ADDIE model, I developed instructor-led (ILT) and web-based training (WBT), along with technical writing.

I enjoy communicating technical information, especially with people who are not technically oriented. I relish creating ‘Aha’ moments, witnessing the mental light bulb as it switches ON.

With an engineering degree in computer science, I am computer literate and pick up software easily. I can skillfully juggle tasks, priorities and ambiguous requirements, while staying focused on getting the job done. I am a confident public speaker and like interacting with people.

My goals are to enjoy my work, contribute in a team-oriented environment and be a productive and valued resource to others!


You know that old Buddhist parable about the tree falling  – with no witnesses, does it make a sound?

Well, if you’re at this page and leave no comment, how will I ever know you were here?

Please. Leave a comment. You will create JOY in a person’s heart  — ME!


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