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QOTD August 2, 2010

A quote about square pegs in round holes, about people who don’t necessarily fit in. Continue reading

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Vigilance –> Twenty Ten

Transitioning from WordPress theme Vigilance to Twenty Ten. Continue reading

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Slow Down when Reading

Consider that the Internet and ubiquitous information is adversely affecting your brain. Consider that slow reading may be the remedy. Continue reading

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Sincere, Thoughtful Communication

My savvy daughter pointed me to this article regarding communication.  The author, David Murray, makes the point that we communicate in many ways beyond words:  facial expressions, reactions, silence as well as responses, patterns of absence as well as presence. … Continue reading

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The square root of two

I just finished reading the book, Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett.   One of my eagerly anticipated summer book reads, it was even better than I had hoped. I particularly enjoyed reading Follett’s description of the structure and … Continue reading

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What else but Death and Taxes?

Infographic of 2011 federal budget, “Death and Taxes” by Jess Bachman. Continue reading

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About infographics

What are qualities of a good infographic? Continue reading

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