The curious connection between reading and curiosity

Reading books has always been a lovely, seductive escape for me.  It takes me to unknown places, introduces me to characters I love as well as hate and frequently feeds my imagination with billowing swells of ideas.

When I was 11 or 12, I had to have my tonsils removed.  I was afraid of the hospital, afraid of being separated from my parents, but once I was shown the children’s ward library, my fears immediately shifted to elation.  The library had the entire series of  Nancy Drew, girl detective!  With so many books to read, how could I leave so soon?

In young adulthood,  I read only non-fiction.  After graduating from college, it was as if my stores of acquired knowledge seemed small and insignificant.  The more I read, the more I wanted to read.

Now I like a mix, fiction, non-fiction, even throwing in the occasional fantasy.   Oh yes, and don’t forget some biographies and Western civilization textbook history.  I’m always up for learning more history.

My love of reading and my curious nature are one of those perpetual chicken-or-egg questions.  Which came first?  Does it matter?  Probably not.  My curiosity and love of reading sustain and impel one another.

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Old Glory Infographic

I’m always looking for eye-catching infographics. Here is a particularly unusual one on the history of our American flag, organized radially clockwise from 12 o’clock.

Kudos to Mike Wirth, designer, educator and artist!

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Ever heard of JournoTwit?  Until three days ago, I hadn’t.

JournoTwit is a web-based application for Twitter users.  Like me?  They describe themselves as, “a Twitter client for Journalists, Bloggers and Media Professionals.” Okay.

Whatever the description, it works.  It works nicely and in a user-friendly manner, as well.

Briefly, JournoTwit enables you to create columns of feeds:  feeds about technology or iPhones or typography or whatever your interest may be.  There are other column-based Twitter applications like Hootsuite and TwitHive, so what makes JournoTwit so special?

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How to Live to 100

My daughter alerted me to a clean, well-designed infographic, describing 10 strategies or habits for living to the ripe ol’ age of 100.  I think this graphic does a good job conveying the content quickly, easily.  The infographic was originally published here.

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Design: FreeGreen

I run across many, many links in a day’s time, while job searching.

Here’s a fascinating website devoted to green-designed homes and buildings, FreeGreen.

If you have a passion for good design, that even better, is friendly to Mother Earth, please check it out!

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Just unpacked the resumé and dusted off some links.  Things are looking a bit more organized, but oh, the ideas I’ve got for this place!

If you’re visiting, please take a look around.  And plan on returning!   Watch out for that box there!

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Moving in

I’m moving in, WordPress.  After years of faithful Blogger service, I’m moving up to the high-rent district of WordPress.

Why? Because I’m searching for a new job, a new opportunity.

I’ve maintained four personal blogs for years, but they are, well, personal.  And I’d like to keep them that way … at least for now.

So excuse the mess, the dust, the unmatched colors and fonts while I settle in.

(looking around) Pretty nice here.

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